Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Top 10 Linux problems

Here's an interesting result of a linux poll. Although there were not too many votes this poll is relevant and even addicted Linux users will agree with some of these problems (like I agree that Windows development process is out of control for example).

1. The worse Linux problem: installation of applications

Installation of applications in Linux seems to be its greater problem. People mention problems with the diversity of distributions, dependencies, conflicts with versions, compilation problems, etc.

2. Lack of drivers

Even if drivers exists people have problems in finding the version that corresponds to the distribution which they are using.

3. Deficiency of a standard

In many cases can be a true problem. The people suggested that when they become familiar to a distribution, the next version is totally different. Or when they change the distribution, the files are stored in other locations. Almost all the voters suggest the differences in the interface, differences in the availability of the commands and the differences in the configuration of the applications make difficult the learning of this operating system.

4. Problems with modems

This seems to be the device most complicated to run in Linux.

5. Linux is slow

21 votes mention that Linux is much more slow that Windows XP.

6. “X” applications

17 votes mention the lack of availability of applications for Linux. Particularly they stand out the lack of applications to use for web design, audio production, graphic design, etc. Also there were many commentaries of the type “lack good games for Linux”.

7. The GUI has deficiencies

With 14 votes, problems in the more popular visual interfaces as GNOME and KDE are located in the seventh position. Problems of usability, management, etc. appear in the descriptions of the users. Many people complain that “Linux does not order the icons automatically”.

8. Problems with printers/new hardware

Printer appears like the second device more difficult to use in Linux. Other 13 votes suggest the “new hardware” is practically impossible to install/use in Linux.

9. Linux is seen “ugly”/“is difficult to use”

11 votes suggest Linux is seen “ugly” compared with other operating systems. Other 11 votes suggest simply “is more difficult to use that Windows” without giving too many explanations of the cause.

10. Problems using the scanner/complicated File system

Scanner seem to be another one of the devices most difficult to run in Linux. Finally, 10 votes suggest the Linux file system is “too complicated”.

Hope the next version ubuntu 8.04 is free from allthese. Express your views in the comment section.


CHACKLIE said...

It's not problems with Linux. I'm pretty new to Linux myself, and yes, I've had my share of problems when I first started. Just like I had problems using Windows at first. But honestly, Linux is so versatile that you can do just about anything with it. Hell you can make it look like windows if you want. (For those who's so used to windows)

As for slow, try Xubuntu, its meant for the slower computers.

If you have problems, you can find so much help online, ie forums, faq pages, and even the distro sites have tons of help available.

People who probably tested Linux didn't give it a fair chance because of their dependence on MS products. But in my opinion, Open Source is actually gaining momentum against products that sell for hundreds of dollars for free or commercially at a nominal fee.