Sunday, January 27, 2008

20 MOST Popular Linux Games

I spent some time compiling this list and seeing how many nice games are available for Linux I couldnt help but wonder: why are we still using Vista? There are so many Windows advocates who bring as anti Linux argument an “absence” of games for Linux. Well, they are wrong! There are enough games from Linux and the great news is that they are free and fun!

In comparison, almost everything that comes on Windows, with a few exceptions (solitaire and the like) comes with a price.

The Linux games are open source. Than means that they are: free, with no string attached, created by people who love Linux and are painless to install. Besides, they are Windows compatible. So you can enjoy Linux fun on a Windows platform at any time!

1. Do you like cars? Are you a fan of the fast game races? Linux has a free game for that too: Maniadrive. This one even has a cool soundtrack!

2. And let’s not forget TORCS – a game with a tradition of 10 years. Car race simulator as addictive as any other car race game. Linux and Windows compatible.

3. And if you like 3D war games, you’ll have lots of fun with America’s Army. Play it by the rules, or make your own. LMAO!

4. Another fun 3D game is Alien Arena. The newest version of the game was released not long ago.

5. You can play Mahjongg on Linux. Of course you can. It is called KMahjongg and it is one of the most popular games developed for Linux. In many “top ten” tops it occupies the tenth position. Top Hosting Center doesn’t make a top, just a list.

6. Fully compatible with both Windows and Linux The Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game you will never forget.You have an amazing world to explore and you can play with up to 8 friends (this makes the game a multi-player game too). Enjoy the trailer:

7. Another interesting tactical Linux and Windows compatible game is Crimson Fields. Personally I like The Battle pf Wesnoth more, but strategy games are strategy games. For those who prefer more modern stories, Crimson Fields might be cool.

8. Xbubble is simple and you can play alone or against an opponent, which makes the game perfect for family fun. Besides it doesn’t require too much skill, so even younger players can join the fun.

9. Frozen Bubble has nicer graphics but the principles are pretty similar. This is a clear Linux game (penguins and all) available in several languages. You can play it alone and even with other players in a network.

10. If you like shooter games, Cube 2 is the one for you.

11. True Combat: Elite is really cool. I love the 3D graphics and the features. It is based on Enemy Teritorry so if you are a fun of that game you will never miss it.

12. Or the cool Nexuiz?

13. Pingus runs on Linux and Windows but when you see the little Tuxes you can only think Linux. Cute, cute! And very popular too. What other better revenge against Vista than to play a free Linux game on it?

14. Are you skilled enough to play Neverball? The game has a very popular forum where you can learn tips and tricks to improve your skill.

15. I am not that amazed by GLtron, but some Linux enthusiasts are. Besides the official site has some personal touches of the author that really convinced me to include the game on the list. Love and passion for a dream are always rewarded by the THC team.

16. Frets on Fire works for both Linux and Windows. And even if you are not a musician this game can be addictive. You’ll be playing a virtual guitar. I like the graphics.

17. I almost forgot Tux Racer! This was amazingly popular in 2001 – I remember playing it once at a friend’s house. I have no idea who still plays it, but it does deserve a place on the list.

18. Scorched 3D is something I haven’t tried yet but I think it would be fun to play.

19. Tremulus is as interesting as any other shooter game could be – I am not very fund of those.

20. Last, but not least, FlightGear – a flight simulator I am sure you will enjoy.


MrCopilot said...

Good List, I do a series myself broken down by by genre @ OSGGFG: the Open Source Gamers Guide to Free Games

G-man said...

I don't know how people keep forgetting mentioning Spring:Total Anihilation the ultimate RTS for me. It's been around for quite some time and it's getting better every year.

phil said...

also consider urban terror,, linux native standalone shooter based on open-source ioquake3. Very good and certainly more popular than total combat elite.

Gryc said...

America's Army was NOT created by or for Linux users. It was created as a propaganda tool to boost flagging recruitment numbers.

"The Linux games are open source. Than means that they are: free, with no string attached, created by people who love Linux and are painless to install."

wrt AA, wrong on all counts. Not only is AA not open source, it also wasnt created by any particular Linux user for the love of it, rather because they were ordered to by their commanding officer. Dont give it feel-good praise when it doesnt deserve it.

agger said...

Seriously folks, as much as I believe in free software and as much as I'd like to see GNU/Linux kick ass completely on the Games front, the games listed here are NOT to be compared with what you can get on the games front.

The Battle for Wesnoth is NOT up to speed with "Neverwinter Nights" or Myst, not to mention "Civilization" and "World of Warcraft". Yess, a lot of cool games are available. And no, really hard core gamers still can't rely on free software and must use wine or Cedega, or what it's called if they want to use Linux.

agger said...

Omission: I meant "the games listed here are NOT to be compared with the best of what you can get on the Windows or console games front".

As a collection, they're obviously and unfortunately not even close. As FOSS advocates we need to be painfully honest, otherwise it might backfire ...

Reis said...

Agger, this is true. I shudder every time I see one of these "Linux has just as good of XXXXX as windows!" lists. Sometimes its true. But sometimes, like now, it painfully isn't.

Thankfully WINE and it's ilk let a lot of games run fairly well under Linux, which comes a lot closer to being a convincing argument to people thinking about giving Linux a shot... But if you try to tell a gamer that Glest is a replacement for Warcraft III, or Battle for Wesnoth a replacement for Heroes of Might and Magic, or that the latest Quake 3 engine mod is a replacement for Crysis or Battlefield 2... He's just going to laugh at you. Because they aren't. Yes, they are similar genre. Yes, they both can be fun. But they aren't the same thing. Not by a long shot.

TA: Spring? Great. The best of a decade ago. Meanwhile, the rest of the world gets to enjoy Supreme Commander.

I don't mean this to be hard on Linux or open source games. I use Linux every day, and I do play open source games some. But if I can't get it to run under WINE? You bet I'm going to load up windows. I use Linux because it suits my needs, often, and I like it. But I'm not a Flagellant monk. I don't practice motificiation of my digital flesh for purity. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking Pingus or TuxRacer are the height of gaming.

fosseth said...

ALL Free Open Source Games. Over 165 different games to choose from.

J P said...

you seriously are not a gamer

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